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Incompatible operand types ('NSUInteger' (aka 'unsigned long') and 'id _Nullable')

I have an issue connected with assigning of the value to the NSUInteger:

self.selectedGroup = GroupType //It is 3 from enum

self.menuItemsPostion = @{[NSNumber numberWithInteger:GroupType]: @0, [NSNumber numberWithInteger:GroupTime]: @1};

NSUInteger itemToSelect = [self isCapturedEntriesContainClienst] ? 1 : self.menuItemsPostion[[NSNumber numberWithInteger:self.selectedGroup]]; // Incompatible operand types ('NSUInteger' (aka 'unsigned long') and 'id _Nullable')

I understand that method from

- (nullable id)objectForKey:(id)key;
can return nullable object and that is why is a problem.

I am interested how it is possible to solve this issue.

Hoa Hoa
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You have to get integerValue of your object in order to assign to your itemToSelect which is NSUInteger.

NSUInteger itemToSelect = [self isCapturedEntriesContainClienst] ? 1 : [self.menuItemsPostion[[NSNumber numberWithInteger:self.selectedGroup]] integerValue];