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Javascript Question

Speedy setInterval

I'm trying out setInterval (first time) to increase a score and it's working great, except that for some reason it keeps speeding up.

In the sample below, every time I click the button, the score increases more quickly. It's like the 50 is decreasing, why?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

var scoreTimer;
var myScore = 0;
var scoreIncrement = 0;

function increaseScore() {

function scoreCountDown(scoreAmt) {
scoreIncrement = scoreAmt
scoreTimer = setInterval(updateScore, 50);

//UPDATES SCORE on a Set Interval
function updateScore() {
if (scoreIncrement > 0) {
myScore += 1
scoreText.innerHTML = "Score " + myScore;
} else {

<button onclick="increaseScore()">Add Score</button>
<span id="scoreText">000</span>

Answer Source

It's because clearInterval wasn't called properly. To fix that, change




view it online -

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