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Objective-C Question

Apple Watch Connectivity file not found

When I try to import the

framework like this:

#import <WatchConnectivity/WatchConnectivity.h>

I get this error:

'WatchConnectivity/WatchConnectivity.h' file not found

Is there something extra that I had to import or is this a problem with the version of Xcode I have?


Xcode version 6.4 doesn't support watchOS 2 SDK, which is what would be required to use WatchConnectivity.

This is why the #import returns a 'file not found' error, as that particular header file (and framework) didn't exist prior to watchOS 2.

You would have to upgrade to Xcode version 7.0 or higher, if you want to use WatchConnectivity or other watchOS 2 features.