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Use gulp to select and move directories and their files

I'm currently using gulp to call a bash script that cleans my

directory and moves the appropriate files to the clean directory. I would like this to be done with gulp because I am not sure the script would work on a non *nix file system.

So far, I'm using the gulp-clean module to clean the
directory but when I try to move the required directories and their files to the dist folder, the directories are empty.

var gulp = require('gulp'),
clean = require('gulp-clean');

gulp.task('clean', function(){
return gulp.src(['dist/*'], {read:false})

gulp.task('move',['clean'], function(){
gulp.src(['_locales', 'icons', 'src/page_action', 'manifest.json'])

gulp.task('dist', ['move']);

gulp dist
results in the the
directory being populated with the correct directories but they are all empty

$ ls dist/*




How do I copy the directories and their contents to the

Answer Source

You need to include the base option to src, which will preserve the file structure the way you want:

var filesToMove = [

gulp.task('move',['clean'], function(){
  // the base option sets the relative root for the set of files,
  // preserving the folder structure
  gulp.src(filesToMove, { base: './' })

Also, you are probably going to have trouble down the road if you have all these source files in the root of your project.

If you can, I'd recommend you use a single src/ folder and move all your application-specific files into there. This makes maintenance easier moving forward, and prevents your build-specific files from getting mixed up with your application-specific files.

If you do this, then simply replace all occurrences of ./ with src/ in the example above.

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