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Stop memory monitor in Android Studio

In Android Studio version 1.0 there was a close button beside the memory monitor panel that stops it from reporting memory changes; but in Android Studio version the close button isn't there anymore.

The annoying thing is that

will flood the monitoring log and I can't see my log anymore.

05-27 16:21:24.431 32121-32127/com.exampleapp D/jdwp﹕ handlePacket : cmd=0x1, cmdSet=0xC7, len=0x14, id=0x40001396, flags=0x0, dataLen=0x9
05-27 16:21:24.431 32121-32127/com.exampleapp D/jdwp﹕ sendBufferedRequest : len=0x34
05-27 16:21:24.932 32121-32127/com.exampleapp D/jdwp﹕ processIncoming

So how can i stop memory monitor and its annoying logs?


enter image description here

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I believe that logs that you have listed have nothing to do with memory monitor window.

There is not much you can do about such logs. They are of "Debug" level so first thing you can do is to select a more severe log level ("Info", "Warn", "Error" or "Alert"). You can do this in the Log Level dropdown:

enter image description here

If you need to watch debug logs from your app then you can do"===", "message");

and select Log Level "Assert". This way you'll only see your custom logs. Or you can use a more sophisticated logging tool, like Jake Wharton's Hugo

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