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Android studio update and restart doesn't work

In case of android studio or any other jetbrains ide update and restart doesn't work . When I got a notification a new update is available I click update and restart . Android studio download the update and restart but after restarting the version of android studio remains same . It happens also for other jetbrains ide . I have checked the following question but didn't came to any help

Android Studio: “Update & Restart” doesn't work

Can't update Android Studio - no “Update and Restart” button

My OS is

ubuntu 16.04 64

Answer Source

I am not sure about the reason, but somehow when we start the IDE through desktop shortcut or launcher (in UBUNTU) the IDE's updater couldn't access the updater.
So to overcome this problem, I always start Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEs via Terminal this somehow solves my problem.

please do not start the IDE by using ./, instead use directly, obviously by specifying the whole path

P.S. I couldn't do much research on this weird behavior so can not say the reason why it happens this way. If anyone knows the reason please add the comment or edit this answer.

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