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declaring a column length of 0 in a 2d array

I was just wondering if it was legal to declare a 2d ragged array with one or more of the columns having a length of 0. If it was legal, what will it actually do?

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The answer is yes, it is possible. But then there's another question, why would you consider doing this? The reason I ask this is think about what you're trying to do here. An array in which the columns are of length 0 is technically an empty 2D array. I will, however, show how to do what you're asking and what will happen.

int[][] arr = new int[2][0]; //initializing a 2x0 array, which is 2 rows of size 0

or if you're trying to make a jagged array

int[][] arr = { {},{2} }; //this is a 2d array in which the first row has zero columns and the second row has one column

But what happens when you try operating on this array? You surprisingly won't get a compiler error, but you will get a runtime error. Suppose I added this line of code and tried running the program,

arr[0][0] = 1;

The error I would get is this,

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 

because I can't access any elements in a 2d array with columns of size 0.

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