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PHP implementation into HTML

I'm currently beginning with PHP and I wanted to get started with a mini-project for some hands-on experience. Here's the code that I began with:

<h3>Some example title</h3>
$randomNumber = rand(1000,9000);
print "Here's a random number: {$randomNumber}.";
<p>Some more text.</p>

However, when I saved it as index.php and previewed it on Google Chrome, the PHP part doesn't show up. Can anyone help me realize what I'm doing wrong?


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To run PHP code (server side) you need a server, or a 'server-emulator' some of the most commonly used are:

Unlike the html in your .php files, the php code must be processed by a server and returned to the browser. I've tested your code with a server and it works like a charm.

After installing one of the above "emulators" you need to (this is a simplified tutorial, check a real tutorial):

  1. place your .php files in the public_html or htdocs folders that are created in the emulator's folder in your computer.
  2. Turn on your server
  3. go to localhost/your-file-path/index.php

If you only need to test soft code (like what's on yout example) and not develop whole projects use IDONE

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