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Using Google Chrome to debug and edit javascript embedded in HTML page

Chrome developer tools allows you to edit javascript in the browser if the javascript is in a .js file. However, it does not seem to allow me to edit javascript that is embedded in an HTML page. ie:

<script type="text/javascript>
// code here that I want to debug/edit

This is a big problem for me as I have quite a bit of embedded javascript in a certain page.

Similar to this question: Edit JavaScript blocks of web page... live but this is about firefox, not chrome.

How can I edit javascript embedded in an HTML page using Google Chrome Developer Tools?

Answer Source

Actually chrome allows to do that, choose HTML files in Sources tab in Developer tools window. You will see HTML instead of javascript and simply add breakpoints in the <script> tags. Also you can add debugger; command to script what you want to debug. For example:

 // some code
 debugger; // This is your breakpoint
 // other code you will able to debugg

Don't forget to remove debugger;'s when you want to release your website.

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