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C++ Question

Information on L-Systems

I am about to start a project for university to build a procedural city for a pre existing project.

I was wondering if any of you have had any experience coding L-Systems before and know a good place for me to start out. I have done a bit of work before using procedural methods and Perlin Noise and fBm so I get the premise of what an L-System is in the fractal sense. I am more looking for a place where maybe can push me in the direction of coding the L-System.
Any help or technical documents you can point me towards would be great.

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Answer Source

I did a project on using L-Systems to procedurally generate 3D trees and found the book "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" helpful. It's available for free at that link. Not directly related to procedural cities, but very interesting, and a good resource to learn about L-Systems, I think.

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