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HTML Question

Select sibling not working as expected

I've come across a somewhat silly problem.
Take a look at the following html:

<div id="product-container">
<div id="product-1" class="product">
<img id="product-img-1" class="product-images">

<div id="product-2" class="product">
<img id="product-img-2" class="product-images selected">

<div id="product-3" class="product">
<img id="product-img-3" class="product-images">

What I want to do is whenever the page loads it sets the first product's image class to 'selected' or whenever you click a product image, it changes the class of that image to 'selected' and removes this same class from the other ones.

I have tested this with the following

$("img.product-images").on('click', function(){

This works, but only when you click an image, this doesn't work when the page is loaded.

To fix this I wrote the following:

function updateActiveImg(product = firstProduct()){ // returns first available product (I've tested this and this works as desired)
// attempt 1, doesn't work: it does add the class to the correct image, but when I click another it just adds the class to that image whithout removing it from its siblings
$('#product-' + product).addClass('selected').siblings().removeClass('selected');
// attempt 2, doesn't work: this will remove the class from all the cildren, including the one I want selected
$('#product-' + product).addClass('selected').parent().find('.product-images').removeClass('selected');
// attempt 3, doesn't work: thought this was the final solution, but don't see why it wouldn't work
$('#product-' + product).addClass('selected').parent().find('.product-images').not('#product-' + product).removeClass('selected');

Does anyone know what I'm missing here?


You need to get its parent sibling and then the element. To make it work initially, trigger click event for the first element.

$("img.product-images").on('click', function(){