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jQuery Question

Can I bind form inputs to models in Backbone.js without manually tracking blur events?

I have a backbone.js app (www.github.com/juggy/job-board) where I want to bind my form inputs directly to my model (a la Sproutcore).

Is it possible with Backbone.js (or other tools) without actually tracking each blur events on the inputs and updating the model manually? This seems like a lot of glue code.




I'm not sure how SC does it but probably they listen for events too.

window.SomeView = Backbone.View.extend({
  events: {
    "change input.content":  "contentChanged"
  initialize: function() {
    _.bindAll(this, 'contentChanged');
    this.inputContent = this.$('input.content');
  contentChanged: function(e) {
    var input = this.inputContent;

    // if you use local storage save 
    this.model.save({content: input.val()});

    // if you send request to server is prob. good idea to set the var and save at the end, in a blur event or in some sync. maintenance timer.
    // this.model.set({content: input.val()});