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Defining the midpoint of a colormap in matplotlib

I want to set the middle point of a colormap, ie my data goes from -5 to 10, i want zero to be the middle. I think the way to do it is subclassing normalize and using the norm, but i didn't find any example and it is not clear to me, what exactly i have to implement.

Answer Source

Here is a solution subclassing Normalize. To use it

norm = MidPointNorm(midpoint=3)
imshow(X, norm=norm)

Here is the Class:

from numpy import ma
from  matplotlib import cbook

class MidPointNorm(Normalize):    
    def __init__(self, midpoint=0, vmin=None, vmax=None, clip=False):
        Normalize.__init__(self,vmin, vmax, clip)
        self.midpoint = midpoint

    def __call__(self, value, clip=None):
        if clip is None:
            clip = self.clip

        result, is_scalar = self.process_value(value)

        vmin, vmax, midpoint = self.vmin, self.vmax, self.midpoint

        if not (vmin < midpoint < vmax):
            raise ValueError("midpoint must be between maxvalue and minvalue.")       
        elif vmin == vmax:
            result.fill(0) # Or should it be all masked? Or 0.5?
        elif vmin > vmax:
            raise ValueError("maxvalue must be bigger than minvalue")
            vmin = float(vmin)
            vmax = float(vmax)
            if clip:
                mask = ma.getmask(result)
                result = ma.array(np.clip(result.filled(vmax), vmin, vmax),

            # ma division is very slow; we can take a shortcut
            resdat = result.data

            #First scale to -1 to 1 range, than to from 0 to 1.
            resdat -= midpoint            
            resdat[resdat>0] /= abs(vmax - midpoint)            
            resdat[resdat<0] /= abs(vmin - midpoint)

            resdat /= 2.
            resdat += 0.5
            result = ma.array(resdat, mask=result.mask, copy=False)                

        if is_scalar:
            result = result[0]            
        return result

    def inverse(self, value):
        if not self.scaled():
            raise ValueError("Not invertible until scaled")
        vmin, vmax, midpoint = self.vmin, self.vmax, self.midpoint

        if mpl.cbook.iterable(value):
            val = ma.asarray(value)
            val = 2 * (val-0.5)  
            val[val>0]  *= abs(vmax - midpoint)
            val[val<0] *= abs(vmin - midpoint)
            val += midpoint
            return val
            val = 2 * (val - 0.5)
            if val < 0: 
                return  val*abs(vmin-midpoint) + midpoint
                return  val*abs(vmax-midpoint) + midpoint
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