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Javascript Question

How to angularjs write log to file?

I have a question? In Angularjs project, what log I can use to write to file? $log of Angular or log4javascript.
I have code config for $log of Angularjs:

$log.getInstance = function (context) {
return {
log: enhanceLogging($log.log, context),
info: enhanceLogging($, context),
warn: enhanceLogging($log.warn, context),
debug: enhanceLogging($log.debug, context),
error: enhanceLogging($log.error, context)

function enhanceLogging(loggingFunc, context) {
return function () {
var modifiedArguments = [];
modifiedArguments[0] = [moment().format("dddd h:mm:ss a") + '::[' + context + ']: '] + modifiedArguments[0];
loggingFunc.apply(null, modifiedArguments);

It's working but it only write to console and now I want log output to file?

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