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Immutable types in javascript

It seems to me that immutable types are impossible in Javascript, or does anyone know of any tricks to create them? Is it a good or bad practice?

For instance something like,

var Point2D = function Point2D(x, y) {

var _x = x;
var _y = y;

function constructor() {

var self = {};

// Pseudo-Immutable concept
self.x = function() {
return _x;

self.y = function() {
return _y;

return self;

return constructor();


Which of course isn't really immutable, but if it were either 1) well-documented that the properties 'x' and 'y' are getter-functions or 2) threw some kind of alert when validating for immutability then it could act as a de-facto immutable object.


Answer Source

If you don't have to worry about older browsers you can look into Object.defineProperty.

Other than that, I don't think there is much of an option since any function/property on an object can be redefined at any point in JavaScript.

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