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JSON Question

Convert PHP date into javascript date format

I have a PHP script that outputs an array of data. This is then transformed into JSON using the json_encode() function. My issue is I have a date within my array and its is not in the correct javascript format. How can I convert this within PHP so it is?

$newticket['ThreadID'] = $addticket;
$newticket['Subject'] = $subject;
//$newticket['DateCreated'] = date('d-m-Y G:H');

Instead of the above fo rthe date I need the equivilant of the javascript function

new Date()

When I output the above I get the following "Fri Jun 01 2012 11:08:48 GMT+0100 (GMT Daylight Time)" However, If I format my PHP date to be the same, javascript rejects it. Confused...

Can anyone help?

Answer Source

You should probably just use a timestamp

$newticket['DateCreated'] = strtotime('now');

Then convert it to a Javascript date

// make sure to convert from unix timestamp
var now = new Date(dateFromPHP * 1000);
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