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Node.js Question

Nodejs core module fs is not working with webpack and angular2 cli

The fs is an empty object in my app.

I am using Angular2 cli which uses webpack to bundle up the application.
I am using the file-exists package in my app -
So in my component.ts file, I have this line:

let fileExists = require('file-exists');

This file-exists package in turn has this line:


But this fs is always just an empty object. Am not sure what is going on..
i.e is Webpack not including in fs which is node's core package ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

file-exists, depends on fs. There is no webpack polyfill for fs and there wouldn't be a good way to add one either. Therefore webpack can't export file-exists for client-side web usage. See this list for supported, native, node modules that can be polyfilled.

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