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Show loading progress when making JSF Ajax request

How can I show some loading message when making request using


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If you're not already using a 3rd party component library which could already have a ready-made component for that, such as PrimeFaces with <p:ajaxStatus>, then you can use the JSF-provided JavaScript jsf.ajax.addOnEvent() function (and eventually also jsf.ajax.addOnError()) to hook a function on ajax events.

Here's a basic kickoff example:

    jsf.ajax.addOnEvent(function(data) {
        var ajaxstatus = data.status; // Can be "begin", "complete" and "success"
        var ajaxloader = document.getElementById("ajaxloader");

        switch (ajaxstatus) {
            case "begin": // This is called right before ajax request is been sent.
       = 'block';

            case "complete": // This is called right after ajax response is received.
       = 'none';

            case "success": // This is called when ajax response is successfully processed.
                // NOOP.

<img id="ajaxloader" src="ajaxloader.gif" style="display: none;" />

See also chapter of the JSF 2.0 specification: Monitoring Events For All Ajax Requests

The JavaScript API provides the jsf.ajax.addOnEvent function that can be used to register a JavaScript function that will be notified when any Ajax request/response event occurs. Refer to Section 14.4 “Registering Callback Functions” for more details. The jsf.ajax.addOnEvent function accepts a JavaScript function argument that will be notified when events occur during any Ajax request/response event cycle. The implementation must ensure the JavaScript function that is registered must be called in accordance with the events outlined in Section TABLE 14-3 “Events”.

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