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React JSX Question

create-react-app, installation error ("command not found")

I have installed create-react-app exactly as instructed on the facebook instruction page (

First, install the global package:

npm install -g create-react-app

I did this. It appeared to work fine - the file was installed to


I'm not really sure why global install takes it to this path, but there you have it.

Next instruction:

Now you can use it to create a new app:

create-react-app hello-world

Couldn't be simpler, right? But Terminal spits out this at me:

-bash: create-react-app: command not found

It's probably something very simple I'm missing but I don't really know where to look. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

Note: I'm using Node v6.3.1, and npm v3.10.3

Answer Source

Your Node setup looks incorrect. It's not an issue with Create React App—it seems like you can't run any global Node commands.

It looks like ~/.node_modules_global/bin is not in your PATH environment variable so it can't execute global commands. That's just how Bash works—it can't guess where the command lies, you need to tell it. I would assume Node installation should do this by default but it depends on how you installed Node.

So make sure that directory is in your PATH and try again. If you use Bash, add this to your .profile and then restart the Terminal:

export PATH="$HOME/.node_modules_global/bin:$PATH"
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