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Ruby Question

Converting array/hash to string and converting that string back to array/hash in ruby

I had this array lets say,

array = [{'key' => 0},1]

so now
has value
When I convert it to string like this:


Now the array is not an array its a string which is like this:

"[{'key' => 0},1]"

If I do
now, it will output

I want to convert this back to array so that I can use

Full Code:

array = [{'key' => 0},1]
array = array.to_s
puts array[0]['key'] #Should output 0 but it does not output anything

The thing is that I have already saved stuff like that in the database, so now I need to use that stuff back, so the only way is to parse the saved string (which was actually an array).

Answer Source
string = "[{'key' => 0},1]"
array = eval string
array[0]['key']  # => 0
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