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CoffeeScript Question

Cannot read a property in React-0.13.3 CJSX code

I'm working on a react.js app which will be displaying tweets. unfortunately there's an error that says, "Cannot read property 'profileImageUrl' of Undefined." which is this line:

<img src={@props.details.tweet.user.profileImageUrl} />

I'm using React 0.13.3 to do this. Here's a piece of my Coffeescript CJSX code that includes the property in question

Tweet = React.createClass
details: React.PropTypes.object.isRequired

render: ->
<article className="tweet-container">
<div className="tweet-profile-picture">
<img src={@props.details.tweet.user.profileImageUrl} />
<div className="tweet-body">
<header className="tweet-header">
<div className="tweet-metadata">
<a href="// {@props.details.tweet.user.screenName}">
<span className="name">{}</span>
<span className="screenName">{@props.details.tweet.user.screenName}</span>
<div className="timestamp">
<a href="//{@props.details.tweet.user.screenName}/status/#{@props.details.tweet.idStr}">
<time datetime={@props.details.tweet.createdAt}><moment(@props.details.createdAtTimestamp).fromNow()}</time>

Why is it saying that the profile image url is undefined? Where would be the best place to start to fix this? Thank you in advanced for your help.


I ended up fixing the service. It turns out @props.details.tweet.user was null in the api. The code is working properly now.