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iOS Question

How do i automatically scroll in a table view? (Swift)

I added a search bar to my table view, and as the user searches, I want the table view to scroll to the text that your typed.

How do I make the scroll view scroll automatically?

This is what I tried, but I get an error saying that an Integer is not convertible to an index Path. What should I do?

self.tableview.scrollToRowAtIndexPath(1, atScrollPosition: UITableViewScrollPosition.Middle, animated: true)


self.tableview.scrollToNearestSelectedRowAtScrollPosition(scrollPosition: UITableViewScrollPosition.Middle, animated: true)

Answer Source

You have to call the method scrollToRowAtIndexPath in the following way :

var indexPath = NSIndexPath(forRow: numberOfRowYouWant, inSection: 0)
               atScrollPosition: UITableViewScrollPosition.Middle, animated: true)

The above example assume you have only one section. I hope this help you.

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