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Node.js Question

Mongoose - validate email syntax

I have a mongoose schema for users (UserSchema) and I'd like to validate whether the email has the right syntax. The validation that I currently use is the following:

UserSchema.path('email').validate(function (email) {
return email.length
}, 'The e-mail field cannot be empty.')

However, this only checks if the field is empty or not, and not for the syntax.

Does something already exist that I could re-use or would I have to come up with my own method and call that inside the validate function?

Answer Source

You can use a regex. Take a look at this question: Validate email address in Javascript?

I've used this in the past.

UserSchema.path('email').validate(function (email) {
   var emailRegex = /^([\w-\.]+@([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]{2,4})?$/;
   return emailRegex.test(email.text); // Assuming email has a text attribute
}, 'The e-mail field cannot be empty.')
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