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Learning Insertion Sort in Ruby

I have just started the MIT Introduction to Algorithms course through the material posted online. Along with the course I have also decided to learn/enhance my Ruby skills by coding the algorithms in it.

I am on the first algorithm given, which is Insertion sort, and I have the following code typed up but I am getting this error when I run it:

insertionsort.rb:5:in `>': comparison of Fixnum with nil failed (ArgumentError)

def insertionsort(num)
for j in 2..num.length
key = num[j]
i = j - 1
while i > 0 and num[i] > key
num[i+1] = num[i]
i = i - 1
num[i+1] = key
puts num

numbers = [23,34,46,87,12,1,66]


I'm sure it is a fairly basic problem but I just can't grasp what it is at the moment. Any help or tips would be very much appreciated.

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You are overruning the bounds of your array. The example you were given was assuming 1-indexed arrays, but arrays in ruby are 0-indexed. The first line should be

for j in 1...num.length