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Remove specific inputs after $.ajax call

I have build some inputs to let the user search the database. The search is using ajax request.

The problem that I have is because when I get the response from the server I also get the search inputs. I don't want that.

Take a look to my code:.

$(document).on('change', '.auto-select', function(e){


var tags = $('#auto-tag-script').serialize();
var contracts = $('#auto-contract-script').serialize();
var educations = $('#auto-education-script').serialize();
var towns = $('#auto-town-script').serialize();

runAjax(tags, contracts, educations, towns);


function runAjax(tags, contracts, educations, towns) {
url: 'http://localhost/jobs/public/anazitisi-ergasias?' + tags + '&' + contracts + '&' + educations + '&' + towns





With the above code the inputs appears again in my page.

Is there any way to escape this form inputs.

Answer Source

You can hide it 2 ways...before you insert it (best way) or after you insert it

        url: '...'
        // create jQuery object from response
        var $html = $(data);
        //hide within that object
        // insert the object
         /*******   OR ***************/
        //  the html is in the DOM now, can do whatever might be needed to it


For many plugins you would need to insert first and then call the plugin

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