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Access json key value dynamically using jquery

  1. Below is my json which is dynamic. I want to access 'bf' key in the json , 'xxxxxx20160929' and 'yyy813AI20160929' keys are dynamic but json structure will be the same

"resultData": [
"a": "124",
"b": "0",
"c": "0",
"flc_schedu": {
"e": "6",
"f": "en",
"xxxxxx20160929": [
{"ID": "yyyyyyyy" },
{"ID": "fffff"}
"fareDetails": {
"xxxxxx20160929": {
"yyy813AI20160929": {
"O": {
"AD": {
"bf": "2527"

  1. Below is how i tried


  1. If i try as above i can able to access dynamically up to "xxxxxx20160929" key, but i cannt able get how to reach up to "bf" key dynamicaly.

Please help me out with fiddle link

Answer Source

You can reference an object using the array syntax.

var one = 'xxxxxx20160929';
var two = 'yyy813AI20160929';


This code assumes there is only one dynamic object at each layer.

var one = Object.keys(data.resultData[0].fareDetails)[0];
var two = Object.keys(data.resultData[0].fareDetails[one])[0];
var thing = data.resultData[0].fareDetails[one][two];
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