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Git list of changed files has been wiped

So I was working on a project when Windows 10 decided to update to 1607. I had saved all my work but not committed some 22 changed files.

After the update and re-installation of IIS, I have opened my project again and Git is reporting I have no changed files. I can see the work I have done. it's not rolled anything back, I've lost no work, but I can't commit what I have done, as apparently there are no changes.

How can I ask Git to check the files for changes against the branch?

I'm using Visual Studio 2015. (with Git obviously)

Tod Tod
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For some reason since upgrading to 1607, and subsequently flattening the PC and reinstalling Windows 10 1607, there is a .jfm file in a SQL project that devenv won't let go of, so I get file access issues everywhere.

As soon as I add this file extension to .gitignore everything returned to normal.

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