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Scala Question

Get list with unique sub-lists

I have a list of lists and I want to get the list with only unique sub-lists. For instance, this input:

List((123,List(List(xxx, abc),List(xxx,abc),List(yyy,abc))),
(333,List(List(xxx, abc),List(yyy,abc),List(yyy,abc))))

should be converted into:

(333,List(List(xxx, abc),List(yyy,abc))))

I tried this:

val unique = => (list._1, list._2.distinct))

but it does not do the expected trick. What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

Just map and do distinct on the inner list. { case (a, list) => a -> list.distinct }

As your mainList consists of tuples, you can also use the tuple _2 to get the list in the tuple. => pair._1 -> pair._2.distinct)

distinct will take care of keeping only the unique elements in the list.

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