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ng-click on firing on mobile or tablet devices

On page load i have a controller that calls a service and then binds the returned data to some $scope.objects:

app.controller("MainController", function($scope, $http, serviceGetData) {

serviceGetData.getData(function(data) {
$scope.LoginCount = data.LoginCount;
$scope.ProductInfo = data.ProductInfo;
$scope.ProfileInfo = data.ProfileInfo;

// Delayed binding
$scope.OrderHistory = { History: [] };

$scope.populateModel = function(model, values) {
var isArray = $.isArray(values);

$.each(values, function(key, value) {

if (isArray) {
key = this.key;
value = this.value;

if (model[key] !== value) {
model[key] = value;


And in my HTML, i try to bind $scope.OrderHistory by:

<h1><a href="#" ng-click="populateModel(OrderHistory , { History: OrderEntries })" >View order details</a></h1>

This is fine when viewing on laptops/desktops, but not working in tablet and mobile devices e.g. iphone/ipad

Answer Source

Try to add the ngTouch. From documentation:

A more powerful replacement for the default ngClick designed to be used on touchscreen devices. Most mobile browsers wait about 300ms after a tap-and-release before sending the click event. This version handles them immediately, and then prevents the following click event from propagating.

Requires the ngTouch module to be installed.