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PHP Question

create new array from a multidimensional array

I have this multidimensional array:

Array (
[0] => Array (
[id] => 1
[list_name] => List_Red
[1] => Array (
[id] => 2
[list_name] => List_Blue

...and i would like to create a new array containing only the [id]'s from it.

I would appreciate it alot if you guys could help me with that ^^

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

@fabrik Your solution indeed does work but it is also incorrect as PHP will throw a E_WARNING telling you that you're appending to an array that did not yet exist. Always initialise your variables before you use them.

$newList = array();
foreach($myList as $listItem) {
    $newList[$listItem['id']] = $listItem['list_name'];

This is now a list of all your list_names in the following format.

Array (
    1 => List_Red
    2 => List_Blue

Much easier for you to work with and you can now iterate over it like so..

foreach($newList as $itemID => $itemName) {
    echo "Item ID: $itemID - Item Name: $itemName<br>";
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