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PHP: How to check whether the URL is Youtube's or vimeo's

How can I write a function to check whether the provided URLs is youtube or vimeo?

For instance, I have this two URLs that I store in a database as strings,



If the URL is youtube then I will rewrite the URL to,


If the URL is vimeo then I will rewrite this URL to,



Answer Source

Regular expressions work well for this type of thing, but often strpos or substr are faster performance wise. Check out the PHP documentation for preg_match(). Below the examples there is a note for exactly this thing.

Here is prototype code it could be coded:

function videoType($url) {
    if (strpos($url, 'youtube') > 0) {
        return 'youtube';
    } elseif (strpos($url, 'vimeo') > 0) {
        return 'vimeo';
    } else {
        return 'unknown';

Obviously returning a string isn't the best idea, but you get the point. Substitute your own business logic.

As others have noted in the comments, this is a quick and dirty solution that does not handle edge cases well. If the url contains "youtube"(example.com/youtube) it will return a false positive. The parse_url() solution mentioned below is a much more robust solution.

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