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Git help command does not open in configured browser

I have newly installed Git for Windows on Windows 8.1. In Git Bash, when I run help commands like

git help diff
git diff --help
the corresponding .html help file will open in the program I have associated with .html file extensions, regardless of my
Git configuration properties.

My Git configuration:

git config --global help.browser chrome
git config --global web.browser chrome

My Windows Default Programs file extension association:
.html opens with Sublime Text

git diff --help
in Git Bash opens git-diff.html in Sublime Text. I want it to open in Chrome.

The source of this might be another problem: when I do the command
git web--browse URL/FILE
git web--browse index.html
) I get

$ The browser chrome is not available as 'chrome'

git-web--browse documentation: http://git-scm.com/docs/git-web--browse.html

I found this question: How can I configure git help to use Firefox? but that didn't work for me (maybe because I'm running Windows). I tried this:

git config --global help.browser chr
git config --global browser.chr.cmd "start chrome"

Does anyone know of a solution that will allow me to open the help files in Chrome instead of Sublime Text?

Answer Source

It looks like there is no Git configuration that makes help commands open in the browser. Any Git configuration is overridden by Windows' .html filetype association. For explanation see this Google Group thread at msysGit https://groups.google.com/d/msg/msysgit/bBVP3DKyKzc/fpzK8moJXOgJ

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