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Javascript Question

regex replace a part substitution

I want to replace a part string of match regex pattern, I found this answer but I don't get it ...

how to use substitution

example keep first slug digit only replace others


unknown digit


unknown digit + x

var regexPattern = /\/\d\/small\_image\/\d*x/;
var regexPattern = /\/\d\/(small\_image\/\d*x)$1/; ??

var result = regexPattern.test(str);
if (result) {
str = str.replace(regexPattern, 'thumbnail');

Answer Source

var input = "/09/small_image/09x/";
var output = input.replace(/(\/\d+\/)small_image\/\d*x/, "$1thumbnail");


Put the part you want to keep in parentheses, then refer to that as $1 in the replacement string - don't put $1 in your regex. So (\/\d+\/) means to match a forward slash followed by one or more digits, followed by another forward slash.

(Note that you don't need to escape underscores in a regex.)

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