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iOS Question

Is there a ready made audio player in xcode similar to the ones used in music, podcast, and telegram apps?

I'm new to Swift and I don't know Objective C. I am looking forward to design a standard audio player. I've noticed that music, podcast, and telegram apps use kinda the same player. I don't know how to add that player in my app. Did they design it from scratch or is there a ready made player bar that can be added in my app?

I've downloaded the source of telegram app, but it is big, in objective C, and doesn't compile!

So, how to get that player??

music app player
telegram player

Answer Source

Try out LNPopupController, is a framework for presenting view controllers as popups of other view controllers, much like the Apple Music and Podcasts apps.

It has Demo Music Scene in both Objective-C & Swift

Note: this is the UI/UX of the player not the actual player so it doesn't inluclude any AVAudioPlayer. To build your player you could have a look to this: Playing a sound with AVAudioPlayer

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