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Add Flavors to the new version of published App

Is it possible to add Flavors to the new version of an already published App?
If yes, suppose the following senario:
I have a published app in Play Store (e.g.
). In the new version of the app I add (e.g.
) Flavors. This addition changes the package name of the app to
Suppose I publish only the
What will the link to the Play store be like? (as it already was)
or it will be renamed to

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You can't change the package name of an already published app, you can however have two flavors free/paid, but one of them should have the original package name: e.g.

free =
paid =

which will mean the free app would update the currently existing one, and the paid app will be a new app on Google Play (with zero statistics and downloads).

the links to the 2 apps would be as expected: and

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, look into [in-app-billing][1] to allow your users to download the app for free, and pay within the app to unlock premium features.

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