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Multigraphs with javascript

First of all look at this question.

None of those libraries support Multigraphs (or Pseudographs ). I mean I can't generate graphs like this:

Some Multigraph

Is there any jQuery plugin (or javascript library) out there for this purpose ?

I thought i can use WolframAlpha's API and use its images, something like this:

enter image description here

but it have lots of problem:

1- I can't move nodes or add remove edges interactively.

2- Only 2000 API calls per month. Not enough.

3- I can't produce large or intermediate graphs.

4- Its really ugly !

Please help me if you know some javascript library in order to draw Multigraphs, or anyway to produce such graphs. ( something like Dracula Graph Library but with ability to draw Multigraphs ).

BTW, I don't want to use Adobe Flash instead of javascript anymore.( any other solutions are acceptable for me )

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Cytoscape.JS supports multigraphs, is pure Javascript, and uses the new HTML 5 Canvas for performance. Its design intent is general purpose graph visualization/manipulation.

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