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C# TypeInitiializationException

I have a C# program running under Visual Studio 15 .NET Framework 4.5.2. It uses AutoMapper 4.1.1. It's been running fine for years. (I inherited it from someone else.) Just lately, it started erroring out at the line "AutoMappings.AutoMappings.CreateMaps();" Here's the relevant code:

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using IVGOffice.UserInterface;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Security;

namespace IVGOffice
static class Program
/// <summary>
/// The main entry point for the application.
/// </summary>
static void Main()
// Assign certification callback to allow for self-signed certs on the services
ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback = new RemoteCertificateValidationCallback(IVG.Common.Certificate.ValidateRemoteCertificate);
AutoMappings.AutoMappings.CreateMaps(); // <----- Errors out here

It throws a System.TypeInitiializationException with inner error "Configuration system failed to initialize". It never actually enters into the AutoMappings class, so I don't think the problem is related to the class, but here's the beginning of it anyway:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using IVG.Common;
using IVG;

namespace IVGOffice.AutoMappings
public static class AutoMappings
private static bool mapsCreated = false;
private static Utilities2.Services services = new Utilities2.Services();

public static void CreateMaps()
// AutoMapper CreateMap should only be called once in an application domain. If we call this twice, check and just leave the second time
if (mapsCreated)

// For every IAutomappedObject
System.Reflection.Assembly assm = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetCallingAssembly();
var interfaceTypes = assm.GetTypes();
var automappedTypes = interfaceTypes.Where(type => typeof(IAutomappedObject).IsAssignableFrom(type)
&& !type.IsAbstract
&& !type.IsInterface);
foreach (var type in automappedTypes)

My coworker tried running the same code on his laptop and it worked fine, so there must be something going on with my copy of Visual Studio or my computer settings. I've tried running different versions of the program, rebooting, restoring the program from backup, etc. to no avail.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

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I hit this today because I stupidly placed appSettings before the configSections in my app.config file.

The error possibly indicates that your config file contains illegal syntax/layout. I'd start your investigation there.

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