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Groovy Question

How do I auto load a database jar in Groovy without using the -cp switch?

I want to simplify my execution of a Groovy script that makes calls to an Oracle database. How do I add the ojdbc jar to the default classpath so that I can run

groovy RunScript.groovy

instead of

groovy -cp ojdbc5.jar RunScript.groovy

Answer Source

Summarized from Groovy Recipes, by Scott Davis, Automatically Including JARs in the ./groovy/lib Directory:

  1. Create .groovy/lib in your login directory
  2. Uncomment the following line in ${GROOVY_HOME}/conf/groovy-starter.conf

    load !{user.home}/.groovy/lib/*.jar

  3. Copy the jars you want included to .groovy/lib

It appears that for Groovy 1.5 or later you get this by default (no need to edit the conf), just drop the jars in the /lib dir.

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