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TypeScript export/import function

I have a module I wrote (which is installed via npm from a private repo) that the following structure:

email.ts, utils.ts, index.ts, (some other files)

On my email.ts I have the following function:

export default function sendEmail(toEmail: string, subject: string, content: string): any {

let helper = SendGrid.mail;

let from_email: any = new helper.Email(process.env.FROM_EMAIL);
let to_email: any = new helper.Email(toEmail);
let helperContent: any = new helper.Content("text/plain", content);
let mail: any = new helper.Mail(from_email, subject, to_email, helperContent)

var request = SendGrid.emptyRequest({
method: "POST",
path: "/v3/mail/send",
body: mail.toJSON()

//This performs the request with a promise
SendGrid.API(request).then((response: any) => {
//Deal with output as needed
console.log("email was sent!!");
}).catch((err: any) => {

Then, on my index.ts I have the following declarations:

export * from "./email";
export * from "./errors";
export * from "./logger";
export * from "./objectUtils";
export * from "./queryFilter";
export * from "./templateEngine";
export * from "./utils";

On the application where I import this module I import this as

import * as Utils from "my-utils";

Finally, whenever I want to use the sendEmail function, I call it by using this statement:

Utils.sendEmail(email, subject, content);

However this always throws an error stating that
"Cannot read property 'sendEmail' of undefined"

Why is this happening? Shouldn't I be able to use this type of declarations when exporting this way?
What is the solution for this?

Best Regards

Answer Source

Try changing

export default function sendEmail

to just

export function sendEmail
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