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Equivalent of SetThreadPriority on Linux (pthreads)

Given the following bit of code, I was wondering what the equivalent bit of code would be in linux assuming pthreads or even using the Boost.Thread API.

#include <windows.h>

int main()
return 0;

Answer Source

The equivalent to SetThreadPriority in linux would be pthread_setschedprio(pthread_t thread, int priority).

Check the man page.

EDIT: here's the sample code equivalent:

#include <pthread.h>

int main()
    pthread_t thId = pthread_self();
    pthread_attr_t thAttr;
    int policy = 0;
    int max_prio_for_policy = 0;

    pthread_attr_getschedpolicy(&thAttr, &policy);
    max_prio_for_policy = sched_get_priority_max(policy);

    pthread_setschedprio(thId, max_prio_for_policy);

    return 0;

This sample is for the default scheduling policy which is SCHED_OTHER.

EDIT: thread attribute must be initialized before usage.

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