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Get onload event of an angular.element iframe

I am trying to get an onload event on an added iframe. This happens inside a service function call. Its supposed to download a file, what works fine. But I need to wait until the iframe is loaded to return a promise resolve.
The reduced code with the problem is:

iFrame = angular.element('<iframe id="blaba" style=\'position:fixed;display:none;top:-1px;left:-1px;\'/>')
angular.element(document.body).append iFrame
# onload bind here
iFrame.attr('src', url)

I tried it with

iFrame.onload = ->
$ 'iframe loaded'


iFrame.on 'load', (event) ->
$ 'iframe loaded'

I also tried to select the Iframe via its id and bind the load event on that. But also doesn't work.
Any ideas or suggestions?

best regards

Answer Source


app.controller('MainCtrl', () => {
  var iFrame = angular.element('<iframe id="blaba" height="200"/>')
  // onload bind here
  var url = 'test.txt';
  iFrame.attr('src', url);
  iFrame.on('load', event => console.log('IFRAME LOADED'))


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