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R Question

Remove rows of a csv file which are in another csv file

I have two Excel files, I want to remove rows from the first file excel1 who are not in the second file excel2 with an R insctruction.

Here is my escounted result. What should I do ?

enter image description here

Answer Source

I finally get this code. Of course maybe there are better approaches, but this do the trick you'd like!

excel.1 <- data.frame(V1 = c(4,4,8,6,7), V2 = c(5,3,6,9,2))

excel.2 <- data.frame(V1 = c(7,8,4), V2 = c(2,6,3))

a <- expand.grid(1:nrow(excel.1), 1:nrow(excel.2))
a <- t(a)
log.vec <- matrix(nrow = ncol(a), ncol = ncol(excel.2))
for (comb in 1:ncol(a)){
    log.vec[comb, ] <- excel.1[a[1, comb], ] == excel.2[a[2, comb], ]

log.vec <- cbind(log.vec, rowSums(log.vec))

equal <- a[, log.vec[, 3] == 2]

new.matrix <- excel.1[-equal[1,], ]
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