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Javascript Question

fetch's response is empty even though the request was successful

I'm trying to use

function to retrieve data from server in a client side Javascript code. And I'm using the polyfill version of fetch named
in a Chrome (which supports fetch internally).

Here's how I call the function:

//Called in a page loaded as http://localhost:3236/
fetch("http://localhost:8080/list", {
mode: 'no-cors',
credentials: "include",
.then(function(response) {
return response.json();

As you can see my application server is not the same as my resource server so I had to set the options for CORS. The problem is that the
has got no content:

body: null,
bodyUsed: false,
headers: Headers,
ok: false,
status: 0,
statusText: "",
type: "opaque",
url: "",

It's in the case that when I turn to network panel and find the request sent, it seems all OK with Status of 200 and the requested data.

How can I find what the problem is?


The clue is in the opaque key. The request was successful, but Chrome's CORS restrictions are preventing you from using the returned data. The no-cors option is suspect; it shouldn't be necessary if your server is correctly configured for cross-origin requests.

N.B. If you've configured everything correctly but you're experiencing errors while testing the client locally, it may be sufficient to launch Chrome with the --disable-web-security flag.