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jQuery Question

How to get a value inside a clickHandler function jQuery

I'm trying to make my website work on all mobile devices, including iOS.
I order to do it I had to use a clickHandler function as suggested here How to replace click with touchstart on iOS devices

I need to get a value but using $this I receive the error "is not defined".

<button class="open" value="{{ item.id }}">open</button>

var clickHandler = ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement ? "touchstart" : "click");

$(".open").bind(clickHandler, function(e) {
var id = ($this.attr('value'));
$("#item" + id).addClass("visible");

Any suggestion? Thanks!

Answer Source

Remember, this is a reference to the member that invokes the current function, in your case the DOM element (button). $() is the jQuery constructor function. Wrapping this in $() means you are turning DOM element into jQuery object. So what you need is either:





$this has no meaning in your context, that's why you are getting undefined.

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