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Angular js - $anchorScroll smooth/duration

Hi reading the Angular Js doc i have no idea if $anchorScroll can have a duration/easing option to smooth scroll to elements.

it only says:


// call $anchorScroll()

Since i do not use jquery and actually i don't want to, is there a clever, simple way to make or extend
for scrolling more smooth ?


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Unfortunately this is not possible using $anchorScroll. As you discovered $anchorScroll doesn't have any options and doesn't work with $ngAnimate. In order to animate the scroll you would need to use your own service/factory or just straight javascript.

For the sake of self-learning I put together an example with a smooth scrolling service. There are probably better ways to do this so any feedback is encouraged.

To scroll to an element you attach a ng-click="gotoElement(ID)" to any element. I think an even better route would be to make this a directive.

Here's the working example on jsFiddle.


There are now a number of third-party directives for accomplishing this.

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