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Java Question

Jaspersoft Studio does not support UcanAccess?

I'm exhausted searching how I can connect Jaspersoft Studio to my database in Access using the Driver UcanAccess! I dont want to use OBDC anymore.

I already insert all jar files inside

folder to my Classpath:

enter image description here

I tried setting the JDBC URL Like this:


and this:


enter image description here

But still getting the same error!

enter image description here

it seems that the program does not find the driver but it is inexplicable because I'm pointing the Classpath! (commons-lang-2.6,commons-logging-1.1.1,hsqldb,jackcess-2.1.3)

┬┐How I suppose to install that driver in Jasper Studio?

Answer Source

You need the dependencies from the lib/ folder, plus the UCanAccess jar itself (e.g., ucanaccess-3.0.7.jar). That's five (5) jar files in total. And yes, your connection URL should include ;showSchema=true.

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