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Java Question

Get WEKA Instances from java objects

I have a

object in my java code. This is the source of User class:

public class User {
private String id;
private String bDate;
private String name;
private String sName;
private String description;
private String city;

... getters/setters

Can you show some example, how can I use it in Clusterer in WEKA?

Answer Source

First you have to include opencsv to your project from here: in order to print your data in csv format.

I use one writer to write the csv data and another to write the arff format.

        writer = new CSVWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(pathtoyourfile+".arff",true), "utf-8"));
        writer2 =  new PrintWriter(pathtoyourfile+".arff", "UTF-8");
        writer2.println("@Relation Users");
        writer2.println("@attribute id string");
        writer2.println("@attribute bDate string");
        writer2.println("@attribute name string");
        writer2.println("@attribute sName string");
        writer2.println("@attribute description string");
        writer2.println("@attribute city string");          

        String[] entries =  new String[6];
        //lets say you have a list with users
        List<User>  users = .....

        for(int i=0;i<users.size();i++){
             entries[0]= users.get(i).getId();
             entries[1]= users.get(i).getbDate();
             entries[5]= users.get(i).getCity();
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