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Python Question

Python Memory Error while iterating to a big range

sum = 0
x = 2**32
for i in range(x):
print sum

I am getting a
while looping to a range of
. Is there any way to do the iteration without running out of memory?

Answer Source

For a brute-force approach, try this:

x = sum(i for i in xrange(2**32))

The above will be more efficient, as it uses xrange to generate the numbers lazily, and it also uses a generator expression with sum() to avoid generating temporary data that gets discarded immediately.

But that will still take some time, as 2**32 is a big number. The smart way to solve this problem is to use a formula, as suggested by @DeepSpace:

n = 2**32 - 1
x = (n * (n + 1)) / 2
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