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why is iOS launch screen very slow?

My iOS app launch screen takes about 3 - 5 seconds. I have a map that will load after the launch screen. My users have to wait for the launch screen to load and then wait another 3 seconds for the map to load.
Is there a way to minimize launch screen time?

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Basically this delay means that you are doing something very wrong during launch. Your job is to launch immediately. Indeed, the WatchDog app will kill you dead if you don't.

There are excellent WWDC videos on this topic, and you should watch them. But in general there are two ways to go wrong:

  • You must do nothing time-consuming on the main thread. If you have a time-consuming thing to do, like loading your map or networking, you must do that on a background thread. You need to get out of the way so that the runtime can launch your app now.

  • Just the other way around, you must not touch the interface on any other thread but the main thread. Doing this wrong causes just the kind of delay you are reporting. Do your work on a background thread, but then get back on the main thread to talk to your views, view controllers, etc.

Finally, I should point out that you might be able to get some idea what you're doing wrong by using Instruments. Unfortunately it works rather badly against app launch, but it can be worth a try. Above all, watch those videos!

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