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Javascript Question

Datatable reordering save to database

Hi guys i'm struggling with the datatables reordering. I want when user reorder to update table in the database. For this to happen i need:

  1. to configure the datatable to send request to the server file which will process the data;

  2. what format will send the datatable to know exactly what the php file will process.

I have read the documentation but it is not clear to me how to send the request from datatable to the file and how to store it in the database.

Here is my code

$(document).ready(function () {
var table = $('#dattab').DataTable({rowReorder: true,
dom: 'Bfrtip',
buttons: [
'copyHtml5', 'excelHtml5', 'csvHtml5','pdfHtml5'

I have try some of the options and events in the documentation but i have not seen a post request.

How can be done to store in the database and what fields do I need in the tables in MYSQL.

Answer Source

i have made it to work ... It was my error to use older php. I will share what was my solution:

First the initialization code:

var table = $('#dattab').DataTable({
     rowReorder: {
         selector: 'tr',
         //   update: true,
         //   dataSrc: '.ord-id'
     dom: 'Bfrtip',
     buttons: [
         'copyHtml5', 'excelHtml5', 'csvHtml5', 'pdfHtml5'

Second i was needed to attach event on which to send the ajax request i have try with the reorder but it not helped me for some reason it was sending one redraw old on the table so i use the draw event and it sends the ajax when the table is redrawn:

$('#dattab').on('draw.dt', function () {
       if ($('#dattab').data('tabs')) {
           var rows = table.rows().data();
           var ord = new Array();
           for (var i = 0, ien = rows.length; i < ien; i++) {
               ord[i] = rows[i].DT_RowId;
           post_order(ord, $('#dattab').data('tabs'));

Third i need a php script to handle the reorder:

if( $_POST['elem'] && $_POST['table']) {
$i = 1;
$error = 0;
foreach ($_POST['elem'] as $row) {
    $q = "UPDATE " . "fit_" . $_POST["table"] . " set
        <code>order</code> = ".$i.  "
        ,updated_at = Now()
        WHERE id = " . GetSQLValueString($row, "int");

    $res = $mysqli->query($q);

    echo 'success';
    echo 'error';

I don't know is this the best answer to the question, but it works for me.

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